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Parent & Toddler Coed Class

60 Minutes

2 yrs

Parent assists the child through a class designed to develop age appropriate basic motor skills and gymnastic concepts, eye-to-hand coordination and body awareness, all while building self-esteem and social skills for your preschooler.



Boys Class

60 Minutes


This kinder gym program has been designed for boys aged three to five years of age with the understanding that boys have different needs than girls. Adults are encouraged to accompany their child to support their learning and have fun together across a range of safe and stimulating activities. Each class is structured to introduce the beginning foundations of physical abilities through a wide range of movement activities and is an excellent foundation to beginning gymnastics or introduction to other sports.

*Schedule upon request



Advanced Coed Class

120 Minutes

9 years and up

This class is an advanced class for gymnasts who are ready to learn full routines and have the strength and flexibility to learn higher level competitive skill. The lesson plans for for this class include all level three skills and some from level three and four to keep gymnasts challenged.



Basic Coed Cheer

60 Minutes

9 years and up

New to Gymnastic Dreams, this class focuses only on sport of cheerleading with a certified coach that is fully knowledgeable on education children on proper form to complete the skills necessary to stunt, tumble and cheer jump.



Basic Arco Skills for Dancers

60 Minutes

5 years and up

This class is designed to help dancers basic skills of aerials, walkovers, handsprings and back tucks. Here certified coaches will properly educate the skills needed for dance stunts.



Beginner Coed Class

60 Minutes


This is a beginner class for students with littler or no experience with gymnastics. Students will learn a group of basic skills on each apparatus, uneven bars, vault, balance beam and floor. Students will build coordination and strength and learn basic gymnastic skills. Students will work on increasing flexibility, strength, body control, coordination and confidence.



Intermediate Coed Class

120 Minutes

5yrs and up

This class is designed for students who have mastered the basic skills of level three or four of gymnastics and would like to transition to team gymnastics. In this two hour class, gymnasts will continue learning and mastering past skills while beginning to combine them into basic routines.



Basic Cheer Tumbling

Boys Tumbling

Middle School Tumbling

60 Minutes

5 years and up

This class is designed for students who wish to obtain and master tumbling skills.Tumbling is beneficial cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts and other sports as well. Technique and skill will be emphasized in strength, power, agility and coordination, that when preformed properly, results in an exciting and dynamic sport.



Adult Coed Gymnastics

60 Mintues

This class is geared with adults in mind, focusing on balance, flexibility, stretching and strength while maintaining and enhancing your gymnastic abilities. This is a perfect workout that uses every muscle in the body and helps develop gymnastics skills for all levels. Fun, rigorous and challenging, this program is geared towards adults that wish to experience and exciting way to exercise. All are welcome.

Adult Gym Drop: Tuesdays 8:00- 9:00 pm

Additional times may be also found on our Facebook page when available. 

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