Meet Our Staff


Diane Coccia


Diane opened Gymnastic Dreams in 2013, pursuing her passion of helping shape and build confident and skilled gymnasts.

Diane has over 30 years of experience as a gymnast, a certified coach and a USGA judge.




Molly has been with Gymnastic Dreams for 4 years. Her career began as a rec coach, but after two years she was promoted to team coach. Molly spent time as a fabulous gymnast before becoming a certified coach. 


Meet The Owners

Mike/Diane Coccia


Together in 2013, Mike and Diane opened Gymnastic Dreams with the hope and devotion to help gymnasts reach their full potential. When not at the gym, they are enjoying time with their four beautiful children and aspiring them to follow their dreams.


Assistant Coach/


Having spent nearly 10 years within the gymnastics world, Jenn has spent numerous hours in the stands cheering on Gymnastic Dreams, only to find her own passion on the gym floor in the love of coaching. A recent graduate and certified coach, Jenn is Gymnastic Dreams extraordinaire as she is also our Office Manager.


Ms. Connie

Recreational Director

Ms. Connie has been an active part of gymnastics for over 30 years and with Gymnastic Dreams long before the gym was a reality. Connie is delightful and charismatic bringing love, support and dedication not only to our gymnasts, but to all those she encounters. As Gymnastic Dreams Recreational Director, Connie oversees our recreational program and team. 

Mr. Tim

Programs & Software

Tim has over 25 years experience in audio and visual technologies as well as electrical engineering and software programing and design. As Gymnastic Dreams computer genius, Tim is an essential part of the Gymnastic Dreams Team family.